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Executive coaching can help:

Our Coach is a powerful , active listener with 26 years of experience as CEO of a major
non-profit--as well as an objective analyzer and definer to help with challenges. He’s also
a specialist in non-profit governance, administration and management,

For CEOs, Coach acts as a personal guide to help formulate and achieve organizational
strategies. Coaching plans are custom-tailored to each client’s needs and implemented via
telephone, fax, e-mail & face-to-face meetings.

Coach can also help a Board assess organizational policy and operations, develop a CEO
position description, screen prospective candidates, develop & implement a transition
plan--AND provide operational oversight until a new leader is identified.

Build confidence
Overcome obstacles
Optimize performance
Build teamwork
Stimulate creativity
Solve problems
Movitate action
Re-energize & rejuvenate a career