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Strategic Planning

Board Development

Transition Leadership

Executive Coaching


Nonprofit Mergers


• Directors’ roles & responsibilities
• Legal responsibilities
• Ethics & conflicts of interest
• Components of board governance
• Organizational vision & direction
• Obligations to stakeholders
• Assistance with development
• Strategic planning
• Effective decision making
• Minimizing personal liability
• Recruiting,selecting & training new directors
• Developing an effective committee structure
• Sound financial management, controls & procedures
• Board/CEO relationships


Could your board benefit from assessment and training in:

• We assess organizational policies and practices, perform gap analyses, summarize results and make sound recommendations.
• We develop, administer and score organizational and board assessments.
• We custom design and administer on-line and print SURVEYS, tabulate and analyze results and put them in a format you can use.
• We assist in developing strategic plans, using techniques like the Balanced Scorecard, but customizing the method
to your needs.
We facilitate focus groups, retreats, interviews, meetings.

PichaSolutions can help you recruit, train, assess and retain an effective board.